About Us

NAFTER is specialized in semiconductor and cloud computing technology.

Through continuous change and innovation, we has established a growth base through semiconductor technology. We will develop cloud computing products through innovative and continuous reseach and development and investment in the field of cloud computing to create new growth engines. We will expand our business scope from smart work, artificial intelligence, and block chain to become a company that attracts domestic and international attention in the field of IT.

Company Name
Andy, Ko
Major businesses
Major businesses: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, block chain, SoC design(ASIC)


NAFTER will be a company that provides the best value to our customers through continuous change and innovation.

In the fourth industrial revolution, the world is moving beyond informatization into a new era of super-fusion and optimization. Industry convergence is accelerating convergence and competition among enterprises, and IT has become a key challenge for business innovation.

We provide a variety of customized platforms and solutions based on our long-term experience in semiconductor and system design. In addition, we are introducing "NR Series" cloud computing solutions to provide the best products and services as a competitive solution in the domestic and foreign computing market.

In addition, we are proactively responding to newly emerging IT technologies such as block chain and artificial intelligence, and based on our extensive experience, we will provide the best IT technology to our customers based on thorough analysis and understanding of customer environment.

We would like to take this opportunity to cooperate with you to grow and develop with the interest and love of NAFTER.

Thank you.