Network isolation solution

Network isolation refers to the separation of networks so that public institutions, financial institutions, and companies can work in a completely isolated environment to prevent security threats and internal information leakage from the outside. That is, separating the business network that conducts the business and the Internet network that connects the Internet is called network isolation.

In a network-separated environment, you work in a closed network that is not connected to the Internet. Therefore, in order to build such a network separation system, it is necessary to use two PCs per employee, such as dedicated PC for business use and PC for Internet use.

Also, it is necessary to use a separate device called KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse) to share the keyboard and mouse. And, according to the situation, it provides the convenience to divide the screen of one monitor physically into divided screen for business network and internet network.

NAFTER has developed and supplied KVM switch, which is essential for network separation.

Network separation overview

It is a security measure that uses the Internet domain and the business domain in the same network, but uses the physical or logical method to separate the Internet and the domain from the business domain.