ABCD System

AI Blockchain Cloud Data

In addition to targeting cloud computing and embedded artificial intelligence, we offer a low-cost, open block-chain solution to further enhance the decentralization and security of each area.


Nafter pursues the leading technology of embedded artificial intelligence. Nafter is committed to providing high performance, low power and low cost integrated, open embedded intelligent solutions. Nafter has a "brain" in a smart camera to intelligently transform it from understanding and perception to decisions for decision-making, convenience, safety and fun.

Nafter focuses on artificial intelligence chips and wants to provide application support as well as related integrated circuit design. Nafter's core team members have accumulated years of accumulated image processing technology, large-scale integrated circuit development capabilities, and rich core algorithm design experience in a rich resource industry chain in integrated circuit companies.

Nafter hopes to collaborate openly with a variety of partners aiming at the Edge AI ECO System. We will do our best with our partners who will make the fourth industrial revolution like semiconductor, embedded system, algorithm and application.

AI and ECO SYSTEM structure

AI business model